• Chris Collinge

    Implementing Telehealth Across Multiple Counties: Overcoming SOPs and Other Logistical Challenges

    Chris Collinge

    Director of Information Technology for the Florida Department of Health in Orange County

    Presented By:

    This session will give an overview of the aspects and challenges with implementing telehealth. The discussion will include overcoming the roadblocks needed for implementation, including the hardware, software used for establishing a telehealth session, and the standard operating procedures created to interoperate with the patient using telehealth.

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  • Roger Grimes Know Be 4

    5 Solutions to Address Phishing Attacks and Malware Threats

    Roger Grimes, CPA, CISSP, CEH, MCSE, CISA, CISM, CNE

    Cybersecurity Expert at KnowBe4

    Presented By: KnowBe4

    Phishing and social engineering is responsible for 70-90% of all malicious data breaches. Attend this webinar and learn about the various types of phishing threats, which are growing, and how you can defeat them. Taught by a 32-year computer security veteran, and author of 11 books and over 1000 national magazine articles on computer security. You will come away with solid tips which you can immediately put into action.

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  • Jonathan Avila Level Access

    Beyond Web Accessibility: Is Your Mobile Content Accessible for Your Community?

    Jonathan Avila

    Chief Accessibility Officer at Level Access

    Presented By: level access

    Mobile usage is growing at a rapid pace as the ways we use these devices continue to evolve. The public’s use of mobile apps and mobile web to perform basic activities—like scheduling appointments, completing medical history forms, or viewing educational resources—continues to rise, and access to these features for individuals with disabilities is not only a requirement, it’s often even more beneficial than for users in the general population.

    In this overview on mobile accessibility you’ll learn about:

    • Accessibility requirements for mobile applications and mobile web
    • Common mobile accessibility issues and their impact on users with various disabilities
    • Testing and development strategies for mobile apps and content

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  • Karen DeSalvo

    National Data and Technology Opportunities for 21st Century Public Health

    Karen DeSalvo, M.D., MPH, MSC

    Former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, DHHS

    Public Health 3.0 is a vision for 21st century local public health able to be a high performing anchor and partner in improving the public’s health. A core component is a strong health information technology infrastructure to support access to timely, actionable information as part of an interoperable ecosystem. It is an exciting time in public health informatics as the field takes advantage of technology advancements and as public and private sector policy-makers consider opportunities to provide enhanced resources to support the work.

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  • Bob Bastani

    Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) Sector and the Emerging Cyber Threats

    Robert Bastani, CISSP, CISM, CRISC

    HHS ASPR, Senior Cyber Security Advisor for the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

    2019 has been another banner year for cybersecurity incidents in the public health sector -- and local entities have been hit hard with numerous ransomware attacks, denial of service attacks, and data loss intrusions. While the last couple of years have been challenging, there are many issues that require due diligence in the immediate future. The HPH sector is about to encounter a “Digital Revolution" enabled by a tsunami of disruptive technologies. Digital transformation brings a new set of cyber security and privacy challenges with emerging threat vectors. This presentation will discuss the subject of digital disruption in healthcare and its impact on local health entities. The presentation will further review a number of key emerging technologies behind the disruption and discuss the applicable cyber security risks and mitigation strategies.

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  • Angie McPherson

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